About Us

Welcome to FOUND IT ONLINE, a cherished family-owned business, rooted deeply in the MOMJURU Company's values and traditions. Our story is one of love, family, and an unwavering passion for food.

At the heart of FOUND IT ONLINE are five souls united by their love for culinary adventures - two devoted parents, two enthusiastic children, and a wise grandmother, each a pivotal part of our journey. For us, cooking is not just about the food; it's about the stories, the laughter, and the memories created around the kitchen table.

Our journey began in a small, cozy kitchen, where the sizzling sounds of cooking and the aroma of spices were a constant. The parents, with a flair for experimenting with flavors, instilled in their children the importance of quality ingredients and the joy of creating meals from scratch. Our grandmother, the matriarch, was the repository of traditional recipes passed down through generations. Her wisdom and stories, told over simmering pots, were the seeds from which our passion for food grew.

As our family gatherings filled with mouth-watering dishes and heartfelt conversations, we realized that the joy of cooking and sharing was too precious to keep within our four walls. Thus, FOUND IT ONLINE was born - a virtual extension of our family's kitchen, aimed at sharing this love and passion with the world.

We decided to open our store to connect with other food enthusiasts, to share the recipes that have been a part of our family for generations, and to offer the finest ingredients and kitchen tools that have been part of our cooking journey. It's not just about selling products; it's about passing on a legacy of love for food and family.

Join us at FOUND IT ONLINE, where every product has a story, every recipe has a history, and every customer becomes part of our ever-growing family. Welcome to our world of culinary delights - let's create delicious memories together!


Each item in our collection has been carefully selected to enhance your cooking experience. At FOUND IT ONLINE, we believe in the power of quality tools to transform your culinary journey. Explore our collection and find the perfect tools to create, innovate, and inspire in your kitchen!